Retiring Indie 4 You!

Well the time has come to say good bye to Indie 4 You!

But it isn’t being “closed” down forever, in fact it will be renamed and revamped into Automata! Further details will be posted on the blog itself, but essentially the look and name me and the group came up with are now history! Though not much credit can be taken as we used a wordpress theme, we chose the most appropriate for the task at hand and made sure to have things coherent! Textures and logo were done by me along with some articles posted in there too! ^^

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Compilation of some of my Graphic Design

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So far I have only done Business & Digital invitation cards. It’s not my focus of work but I am definitively not adverse to making it, in fact I actually do enjoy producing in this area a lot so I constantly read about it and try to improve.

Eletroglobal Servicos

Eletroglobal Serviços
Preview of the website

So this was a project I started one way and ended up with something completely different. I’m glad about the outcome though, considering how I started it. I was very nervous as this was my first official freelance website in 2011 for Eletroglobal services. To be honest, however, I did learn that I’d rather not focus on this particular area in my career, I made the site using conventional (x)HTML & CSS.

On another note, I also worked for another company called Tec4Business in the development of a site for the executives of a local bank. Needless to say, the contents are confidential, but it provided a great insight into the market.

Traditional drawings

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Though the tittle says it’s Traditional drawings, it’s more of a guide towards the medium I use than anything else; I usually work with pencil or pen. Today I can divide my drawings into two categories, the more classical way of drawing which tends towards realism (which I try to let go of) whist the other kind is more expressive (my more favored way of drawing yet less frequently done). I’m also sort of trying to find the half way point, trying to go into character design and just loosen the hand. The expressive way of drawing is more of an artistic statement and style than anything else. I want to draw and sketch a lot more so that I can post more things in this section.

Old Animations

The following animations were done whilst I was studying at Instituto Europeu di Design.

Class exercise, my first attempt at animating.

End of course project in 2010, done using Autodesk Maya, Photoshop and After Effects.

The animation is based on a story which I had written a long time ago back when I was in St. Paul’s. This led towards the realization of expanding and developing this project further onward. Though I can’t say exactly where it is heading, I can say that it will take the form of a much more complex and bigger line of work.

Participated in a workshop which led to PlayMadrid.

Some 3D

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These are some things I did in the past years using Autodesk Maya.

The Pixar lamp was hard to make at the time as it was one of my first 3D objects, it’s more of a fan art than anything else and I was pretty happy when I managed to make it.

The drawer was part of a project for a room in an animation I did in 2010, which you can also see in the follow-up image.This room was one of my greatest challenges so far because of the lighting in it. It made me realize how important it is to set the atmosphere and how crucial it is in any production.