Retiring Indie 4 You!

Well the time has come to say good bye to Indie 4 You!

But it isn’t being “closed” down forever, in fact it will be renamed and revamped into Automata! Further details will be posted on the blog itself, but essentially the look and name me and the group came up with are now history! Though not much credit can be taken as we used a wordpress theme, we chose the most appropriate for the task at hand and made sure to have things coherent! Textures and logo were done by me along with some articles posted in there too! ^^

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Eletroglobal Servicos

Eletroglobal Serviços
Preview of the website

So this was a project I started one way and ended up with something completely different. I’m glad about the outcome though, considering how I started it. I was very nervous as this was my first official freelance website in 2011 for Eletroglobal services. To be honest, however, I did learn that I’d rather not focus on this particular area in my career, I made the site using conventional (x)HTML & CSS.

On another note, I also worked for another company called Tec4Business in the development of a site for the executives of a local bank. Needless to say, the contents are confidential, but it provided a great insight into the market.